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Our people : We’re a diverse crew of sales & marketing professional, researchers, designers, strategists and engineers with a passion for customer needs and a deep seated belief that design can transform business.


Multidiscipline. Our consultants are a balanced mix of strategists, researchers, designers and technologists. You’ll benefit from a carefully chosen core team, with access to expertise in specific areas when needed.




Aubrey Bourke is general manager of Adgotec. He has 25 years experience of growing succesfull businesses and brands. He has worked with blue chip companies such as HP , AIB, Sun Microsystems and Ericsson. Before setting up Adgotec, Aubrey was Sales Director at the US office of a major telecommunications software company and has held senior management positions in Sweden and Ireland.


'The Client Experience is the Critical factor for us at Adgotec' - Aubrey Bourke GM

 'We deliver a seamless experience, not just for your customers, but for you too. We’re continuously refining our project approach and operating model to ensure projects run smoother for everybody. Our approach is truly collaborative, doesn’t waste time, and keeps stakeholders engaged throughout'

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 Aubrey Bourke